90 Empowering Tattoo Ideas That Are Bold and Beautiful


There's nothing more empowering than having a bold (and beautiful!) tattoo that inspires you to live your life to the fullest every time you look at it.


  1. Posted by frogggzzzz, — Reply

    lol i need this because i panic about everything so a cute little reminder would be nice haha 🐸🌿

  2. Posted by sonia89992317, — Reply


  3. Posted by tortureandmajesty, — Reply

    Is this a Hitchhikers Guide reference

  4. Posted by raedarcey, — Reply

    Panic , why do we have to dress up for the prom , dude I don’t think we have a choice

  5. Posted by JILLLLL_ROSE, — Reply

    at the disco😉....anyone?...k...

  6. Posted by 278zozozo, — Reply

    show your mom and expect her to not panic

  7. Posted by frankanddogs, — Reply

    Did anyone else think of all time low or am I just emo?

  8. Posted by juliette_042, — Reply

    we stan hitch hikers guide to the galaxy

  9. Posted by Hcadiybesttattooimages, — Reply

    Very beautiful!

  10. Posted by ab925377, — Reply

    Dont panic

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