Four Season Handprint Tree


Based on our popular Autumn Handprint Tree, we now have a complete Four Season Handprint Tree post - a fun art project for kids to observe the seasons.


  1. Posted by Cupcakeloverforever, — Reply

    I am 10 years old and this is still a enjoyable activity! I only did fall since I had a limited amount of paints and it still look fantastic! I am definitely going to show this activity to my 5 year old sister!

  2. Posted by josie_dombrowski, — Reply

    This is a super creative project for students to do! Although this project is tailored to seasons, holidays, etc., as teachers a different idea would be to have kids make their hand on a piece of paper, and let them create whatever they want from it--leaving the project more open-ended for kids to be creative!

  3. Posted by themodernguidetohomemaking, — Reply

    You could use this for any season, holiday or occasion! Looks like a fun thing for kids to make!

  4. Posted by benncreates, — Reply

    I love art activities that combine creativity with science lessons. This is awsome!

  5. Posted by anikaahmad, — Reply

    Great way to learn about trees and the kids had their own creative twists!

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    Fait avec les coeurs

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    Ideas para jugar con selina

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